The demoscene is a computer and artistic subculture (mostly) focused around producing "demos", which are programs that display music and animations rendered in real time. Sceners release their works in demoparties (or parties, for short) within tailored contests for specific platforms or size limits. More info can be found in Demoscene – The Art of Coding.

This section is a comprehensive archive of works I have done in the frame of the demoscene. According to the stream of Demoscene TV, the first song ever produced by me for a demo was played on the famous Breakpoint demoparty on Monday, 17th April 2006, at 0:12 CET.


Prod Description Pouë
Rob is hardcore geworden
For "Elixir", Windows demo with biXo, released at Breakpoint 2006. 16th place. Jacktro - BCN111 Invitation
Jacktro - BCN111 Invitation
Flash invtro for BCN Party 111, released at Sundown Demoparty 2007. Code, graphics and sound effects by me, music by JosSs/Sector Omega. Jacktro - BCN111 Invitation
intromission: sound expansion adtro
4k Windows intro for the intromission: sound expansion project, released at Inspire 2008. 3rd place. intromission: sound expansion adtro
Windows demo with xernobyl/alien)(dream based on an idea by mr_hugo_gomes, released at Euskal Encounter 19. Graphics by me, code by xernobyl, music by George Gershwin. 3rd place. Anachronism
Becoming 1337
JS game with ps/TPOLM, released at Euskal Encounter 20. Code by ps, music and Spanish translation by me. 5th place. Anachronism
JS demo with achifaifa/PKTeam, released at Gipuzkoa Encounter 9. Music by me, code by achifaifa. 1st place. Powerfun
JS demo with achifaifa/PKTeam, released at Euskal Encounter 23. Music and some graphics by me, code and 3D by achifaifa. 3rd place. Gabba
Browser address bar demo with achifaifa/PKTeam, released at Gipuzkoa Encounter 10. Music by me, code by achifaifa. 2nd place. URLOL
Bad Python!!
64k Raspberry Pi intro, released at Euskal Encounter 24. 3rd place. Bad Python!!
Raspberry Pi intro, released at Euskal Encounter 26. 1st place. Mariyawave
Wild Raspberry Pi intro with ksk, released at Euskal Encounter 30. 1st place. Bitmask
Wild Raspberry Pi game, released at Euskal Encounter 31. 2nd place. Drong


Prod Description
With slack/Necrostudios, cover of his "Syltia" intro, released at BCN Party '110. 4th place.
Numerica station hall
Released at Numerica Artparty 2007, remix compo. 2nd place.
Celtic end of year
Released at Euskal Encounter 15. 3rd place.
Released at BCN Party '111. 3rd place.
Modus operandi
Released at Euskal Encounter 17, 8-bit music compo. 6th place.
8-bit mentality
Released at Euskal Encounter 19. 1st place.
The revelation of Amaterasu
Released at Euskal Encounter 20. 3rd place.
Get your bits in motion
Released at Euskal Encounter 22. 7th place.
Space Squadron
Released at Euskal Encounter 25. 3rd place.


Prod Description Preview
Classics never die
Commodore 64 screen, released at Euskal Encounter 17. 4th place. Classics never die
Vintage may prevail
NES screen, released at Euskal Encounter 18. 9th place. Vintage may prevail

Fast/joke prods

These were all done in a hurry for joke compos. Please, ignore them, they are here just for the sake of completeness. You have been warned.
Prod Description
For biXo's fast music entry at CiegoSembly '06.
With ayame, adler, charlie grind and opolo, released at BCN Party '110, fast music compo.
Hay un tío por aquí con una camiseta de Japón
Released at Euskal Encounter 15, fast music compo. 2nd place.