Hi there! I am stage7 and I administer this small corner of the net. What you will find here is a collection of things I like, catch my interest, are deemed my attention or feel I want to say.

For the most basic facts, I am a Spain-based web developer, part-time demoscener for the Genshiken demogroup who likes too many things, say trains, flags, heraldry, Japan, old games and computers, and who knows what else. See the relevant section for more.

I prefer people to address me as they/them.

This site is divided in several sections. They can also be accessed through the upper menu:

  • About me: in case you care. More personal facts, stuff I spend my time on or things I would like to get involved in.
  • Blog: articles about the many things I enjoy. Expect a mixture of languages.
  • Demoscene: a compilation of productions I have done for the demoscene, either on my own or as part of a team.
  • Music: tracks that I have composed but do not fit in the demoscene section.
  • Downloads: a bunch of freebies I have decided to release for free.
  • Links: external sites made by friends or personal bookmarks I would like to share.
  • Contact: ways to reach me.

This site is intended to run simulating the default EGA 16-color palette, although each browser or OS will use its own render method, which can cause antialiasing or subpixel rendering artifacts. It is also designed to be lightweight, and it uses no JavaScript, nor cookies.

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